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> SSMIDD joining Living Temple II Edition @kunsthallehilsbach from june 12-18th
> EMOJI MANDALA 001 classic has been minted by DAS KAPiTAL, 20220222

> St. & St. feat.: CHOOSE BETWEEN 1 and 6, 20210925 @ Berlin Prinzenstr, public sound performanec, SSMIDD aka. MFK

> LANPARTY; Sept 9th, 2020, Berlin, fun trash jam with SSMIDD aka. MFK

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> emoji mandala
> the artistic science of dismantling reality
> warlords
> rrrgggbbb-connection
> 2012
> die kunst des absschieds (german)
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> GDS-Pro BLOG update 2022!
> updated VIDEO and AUDIO archives out now
> new VIDEOSURFACE info online: new delhi & bodhaya
> cycle of water & stone out now
> glockenspiel stadt stade video out now
> ssmidd artist portrait, artbook reframing photography curated by rebekah modrak
> documentation: rrrgggbbb-tomb + rrrgggbbb-connection
> paris-taken from the surface wins [music in shorts]-award
> catalog out now: VIDEO Où va la vidoéo? - video

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