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glockenspiel stade / composition for a 16 bells carillon by SSMIDD°09/ | click for more details: franzka-project; listen&german translation; to see D O C U M E N T A T I o N  video click HERE
we produced an acoustic cycle that is supposed to color each day of the week with another audible atmosphere. each day there is 5 different melodies each hour, from 11.46h to 15.46h. these 5 pieces for every single day of the week can be understood as coherent. all 35 sequences (7 days of the week times 5) have been composed perfectly for fitting with the 16 bells carillon which is to be found in stade city. thus form (composition) and medium (carillon) come together. the whole opera can be understood as an acoustic or so to say elusive sculpture in public space. it wants to inspire a lasting stream of consciousness.












Stade 01 (Glockenspiel)_small
Stade 02 (Stade - taken from the surface)_small
Stade 03 (Montessori-Letters)_small
Stade 04 (Addon - Wilde Horse with Picture-Frame in Germanys oldest Seminarturnhalle)_small