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Stade 02 (Stade - taken from the surface)

stade - taken from the surface / video-installation inside the city hall of stade by SSMIDD°09 | click for more details: excerpt of the video; photosequence (video)
The video-sequence stade - taken from the surface is a dream sequence. A group of peoples is walking towards an unforeseeable aim. A man is reading a book with no letters. Someone is standing in front of a green wall of leaves. A LED Television-Set has been installed right on top of where the first images for the stade-dreamsequence have been shot. thus an obscure doubling of the real and virtual urban space has been provoked. the installation on top of the official transparent glass-entrance of the city hall can -thanx to the inner arcitecture of the building itself- be observed from different levels of the building.












Stade 01 (Glockenspiel)_small
Stade 02 (Stade - taken from the surface)_small
Stade 03 (Montessori-Letters)_small
Stade 04 (Addon - Wilde Horse with Picture-Frame in Germanys oldest Seminarturnhalle)_small