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Stade 03 (Montessori-Letters)

STADE STADT / plano-convex display IN PUBLIC SPACE by SSMIDD°09 | click for more details: letters-closeup ; videoscetch
the display has been created in cooperation with pupils of the “grundschule altländer viertel”. we asked the pupils to paint letter out of their fantasy. the only given orientation was one example letter on a din a4 paper sheet. after the pupils had finished their vision of letters we created the display with strong support of the art studio weber&weber in stade. letters, colors & a translucent double layered board was cold-welded together and turned into a signboard saying: “STADE STADT STATT STADT STAAT STATT STADE STADT STATT STADT STOOD”. the signboard has been fixed at the outside of the school building.












Stade 01 (Glockenspiel)_small
Stade 02 (Stade - taken from the surface)_small
Stade 03 (Montessori-Letters)_small
Stade 04 (Addon - Wilde Horse with Picture-Frame in Germanys oldest Seminarturnhalle)_small